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RT @EU_Commission: President-elect @vonderleyen in the #EPlenary, presenting her team and their programme ahead of the vote by @Europarl_EN on the new Commission. #vdLcommission

RT @euronews: View ǀ "The real issue is that the Orbán government wants to say “no” to the rule of law while saying “yes” to EU funding." By @rdanielkelemen @ProfPech @alemannoEU

RT @JHahnEU: Very interesting exchange of views with Mr Kurti @albinkurti on the political and economic situation in #Kosovo and the region. We agreed that #EU related reforms are the only way to provide a perspective for the people of #Kosovo, especially its #youth. 1/2

RT @JHahnEU: RT @JHahnEU: Freedom, democracy and the legacies of 1989…

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RT @pmwBxl: 🇪🇺 support to 🇺🇦 after the Revolution of Dignity: more than 15 bn € from the #EU budget. Plus around 1.4 bn € from 🇪🇺Member States - still counting. #Ukraine has many strong and reliable partners on its ambitious reform path - the #EuropeanUnion clearly being one of them #SGUA

RT @kyriacosch: Strong message from @JHahnEU at press with @Zoran_Zaev: failure to open accession negs. with 🇲🇰 + 🇦🇱 is a blow to EU’s credibility and against our geopolitical self-interest. EU cannot be a global actor if not able to look after own courtyard. Full remarks!Pn38Qg

RT @RikardJozwiak: EU ambassadors today vote in favour of Kovesi (17 votes for) as the European Public Prosecutor (EPPO). could be a breakthrough when EP and council negotiators meet again on 24 sep. #Romania

More than ever, we need to remember the lessons from the past. If we ignore history, we risk repeating past mistakes. This is why we need to stimulate activities that keep the memories of the past alive towards building a common European future. @Europe4Citizens #EPlenary

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Good meeting with PM