All deleted tweets from politicians

Ana Gomes, MEP (EU) retweeted @mame1st :

RT @mame1st: I call upon the International community to ensure the safty of #EskinderNega who was due for a public gathering in #BahirDar today. No doubt the chaos was partly to prevent that from happening! #Amhara #HRW @AnaGomesMEP @jftaveira1993 @TeodroseFikre

Ana Gomes, MEP (EU) retweeted @OCMediaorg :

RT @OCMediaorg: #TbilisiClash aftermath ► At least two people lost their eye due to injuries received during clashes between protesters and riot police. Several dozen people were hospitalised as police deployed tear gas and rubber bullets #Tbilisi #Georgia Photo: IPN

Ana Gomes, MEP (EU) retweeted @Nouriel :

RT @Nouriel: The article proves that "smart contracts" are neither contract nor smart. They are idiotic scams clothed as pseudo-contracts. Total criminal frauds to steal suckers' savings Cryptocoin computer code fails to deliver on promoter claims.… via @financialtimes

Ana Gomes, MEP (EU) retweeted @business :

RT @business: RT @business: Angela Merkel blasts the EU's merger rules for failing to take into account growing Chinese dominance

Ana Gomes, MEP (EU) retweeted @BorgJake :

RT @BorgJake: 'Obviously I need to check confidentiality arrangements with clients', Konrad Mizzi says of mystery trip to Dubai in 2015. I wonder which target client he had in mind 🤔…

Ana Gomes, MEP (EU) retweeted @nica4us18 :

RT @nica4us18: Por eso es importante seguir presionando. Las sanciones hasta hoy aplicadas son el resultado del levantamiento del pueblo y no al revés #ProhibidoOlvidar #GritoPorNicaragua #SOSNicaragua…

Ana Gomes, MEP (EU) retweeted @one_delta :

RT @one_delta: @AnaGomesMEP @davidthake @TheProgressives @PES_PSE @JosephMuscat_JM All Muscat wants now is to secure a top EU job... wonder why... selling more EU passports for his friends at Henley? Allowing azerbaijan to further infiltrate EU senior ranks and influence policy.... ??? He was and is a #eurosceptic

RT @fabricearfi: RT @fabricearfi: Deutsche Bank Staff Saw Suspicious Activity in Trump and Kushner Accounts

Ana Gomes, MEP (EU) retweeted @ObangMetho :

RT @ObangMetho: Neither is it easy to establish a principles based political party to live up to its potential. It will require wisdom,determination,commitment and sacrifice. We are people of great skill, intelligence and strength. Let us be people of virtue,love,integrity, compassion& justice.

RT @ANNSrinagar: RT @ANNSrinagar: Eighth blast rocks Sri Lanka, 160 dead so far…