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RT @aboutpopulation: @BrexitCentral Yes exactly this is how to Leave the EU by the 31st of October. Brexit Team must include Crawford Falconer .@stephenharper .@SteveBakerHW

RT @DaveDavies2: @MargotLJParker @DCBMEP @walsallcharlie @foreignoffice @BorisJohnson Not just ministers, a new set of pro British, pro #Brexit civil servant is required.

RT @BrexitCentral: RT @BrexitCentral: The next Prime Minister needs a Chancellor who will defy the Treasury's factory of Remain - @davidscullion…

RT @hzeffman: Have been checking out this story all morning. The BBC just told me that they knew that Aman Thakar had worked for the Labour Party. (They didn't tell the viewers)…

RT @2tweetaboutit: Two boats carrying 40 migrants from Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan are intercepted off the coast of Kent ... via @MailOnline

RT @honeysettwatts: .@BorisJohnson voted to repeal Section 28 & introduce civil partnerships, and as Mayor of London supported marriage equality. Very straightforward: he understands that LGBT+ rights are human rights @Channel4News #BackBoris

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RT @DVATW: When you throw acid over a person, this is what happens. It appears that BBC "comedian" Jo Brand finds this amusing. Do you? She SHOULD be sacked, prosecuted and made to pay the price for her woke incitement. Have the Police interviewed her yet? If not, why not?…

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RT @rjmyers: Big news here - @TheDukeOfYork wades into the political row dividing the nation, he sees “No reason” businesses cannot survive in post-Brexit Britain saying “There are swings and roundabouts to all these sort of things." 🎥 @itvnews

RT @christopherhope: EXC Senior members of the ERG met with Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab for an hour in the offices of Owen Paterson in the House of Commons today. Attendees: Mr Paterson, Iain Duncan Smith, Bernard Jenkin, Mark Francois, Steve Baker, Priti Patel, Theresa Villiers and Bill Cash.

RT @DanielCreminUK: A thread on why I’ve changed from being an unromantic but firm Remain voter in 2016 to being a Re-Leaver who is prepared to see us Leave with no deal if we have to. I should say for clarity at the outset that I’m a Conservative Party Member. 1/25 #StandUp4Brexit #ReLeaver