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RT @labour_history: #OTD 2005. At the G8 meeting at Gleneagles, the debt of the eighteen poorest nations in Africa is cancelled. $50bn is also given in aid to developing countries.

RT @labour_history: #OTD 1969. Open University launched. Jennie Lee’s White Paper on the ‘University of the Air’ was initially dismissed as ‘Wilson’s Pipe Dream’ by The Times. It would go on to become the @OpenUniversity , allowing millions of people access to higher education

RT @UKParlArchives: #OTD 1534, Henry VIII’s Parliament passed the Act of Supremacy. From our collections, a treat for all you #Latin readers, it’s the House of Lords Journal from the same year listing all the statutes passed with this one placed firmly at the top. #Ecclesia #Anglicana! #TowerRex

RT @labour_history: #OTD 1945. New Prime Minister Attlee meets with his new MPs for the first time. He gives them three pieces of advice: do not talk in the lobby of the Commons; do not dine in West End restaurants; and do not talk to Lord Beaverbrook

RT @labour_history: #OTD 1998. National Minimum Wage. Labour are defeated in the Lords by the Tories over the NMW. Blair attacks the Tories for thinking that "the answer to the problems of the economy is low wages". John Redwood claims that two million jobs will be lost due to its introduction.

RT @labour_history: #OTD 2002. Tax Credit Act. 27 million people will be eligible for the benefit which aims to support people back to work. Brown hails it as the biggest reform since Beveridge. The average payment of £4000 per year lifted millions out of poverty.

RT @labour_history: #OTD 1970. Barbara Castle's Equal Pay Act receives Royal Assent. After decades of campaigning, the bill enables women to make a claim for equal pay if they do the same job as a man. An employer can be taken to a tribunal if conditions are breached.

RT @labour_history: #OTD Good Friday. Signed in 1998, the Good Friday Agreement brought an end to 'The Troubles' that had affected NI for thirty years. It set up a power-sharing assembly, governing by cross-community consent. Agreement in Belfast, London and Dublin ensured no hard border.

RT @labour_history: #OTD 2000. Labour's first attempt to repeal Section 28 is defeated by a Tory campaign in the House of Lords. Led by Baroness Young, the current PM @theresa_may supported its upholding. Labour finally managed to repeal it in 2003.

RT @thebeatles: RT @thebeatles: 50 years ago #OTD, #TheBeatles performed live to the biggest TV audience the world had ever seen…