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Peter Dowd (Labour) retweeted @cmackinlay :

RT @cmackinlay: Some think that #Opposition day debates somehow ‘change the law’, they don’t. That’s the role of government, the one that people elect via the number of MPs a Party returns at a General Election. Such debate are great political knockabout for sure. This short video explains.

RT @danbloom1: Robert Jenrick tells Sky News: "We’re taking more significant action. That’s what you saw happening in parts of the North East, like Liverpool for example." 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

RT @policecommander: RT @policecommander: That’s not cakes. That’s the entire cake shop...…

RT @mrjamesob: RT @mrjamesob: That’s not how you spell ‘world-beating’...

And that’s the nun of it

@Davidmcconnell4 Yep that’s why is called an infectious disease

Peter Dowd (Labour) retweeted @lynbrownmp :

RT @lynbrownmp: RT @lynbrownmp: @Redstarales @Bill_Esterson If Bill says it good - that’s good enough for me! Is that Waterloo London - if it is......

RT @DrPhillipLee: RT @DrPhillipLee: We could have been ready for #COVID19. That’s what makes me so angry about this Government’s mishandling of this pandemic…

RT @IlhanMN: RT @IlhanMN: We must lead with love sis, even when others don’t. That’s the only way forward.

Richard Burgon (Labour) tweeted :

It was early start in Crossgates this morning! Enjoying Election Day! Let’s get that Labour government that’s on YOUR side. 🌹