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RT @EU_Commission: President-elect @vonderleyen in the #EPlenary, presenting her team and their programme ahead of the vote by @Europarl_EN on the new Commission. #vdLcommission

Sven Giegold (EU) retweeted @europarlAV :

RT @europarlAV: Who will be the next EP President? Elections taking place now in #EPlenary Download/watch/share LIVE REPLAY video of statement by @SkaKeller for @GreensEP

Bill Etheridge (EU) retweeted @yourmeps :

RT @yourmeps: RT @yourmeps: West Midlands MEP @billethmep unfurls Black Country flag in European Parliament debating chamber. #EPlenary…

RT @GUENGL: #EPlenary ✊We stand in solidarity with #Kurdish lawmaker Leyla Guven and all other Kurdish hunger strikers in their demands for justice and human rights. The Turkish government must not continue flaunting international law. End the solitary confinement of Abdullah Ocalan now!

davidmcallister (EU) retweeted @JHahnEU :

RT @JHahnEU: #EPlenary debate on #WesternBalkans: I welcome the good debate and continuous commitment of @Europarl_EN for the #EUperspective of the #WB, as demonstrated by the latest reports on #Serbia, #Kosovo, #Albania, #Montenegro & the former Yugoslav Republic of #Macedonia. 1/4

RT @knufleckenstein: Happy Independence Day to all my friends and the people in #Albania - ahead of the very important vote in #eplenary tomorrow. @Europarl_EN will follow my report and will push for start of negotiations next year. #EUforAlbania

M C Vergiat (unknown) retweeted @GUENGL :

RT @GUENGL: #EPlenary SIS II: sera-t-il le nouveau "Big Brother" européen? Nos concitoyens ont droit à la sécurité, les nouvelles technologies peuvent y aider mais pas à n’importe quel prix, pas en développant un climat de suspicion généralisée au détriment des droits fondamentaux #Schengen

RT @EduardKukan: PM @Zoran_Zaev just concluded his speech to the #EPlenary which resulted in standing ovations by MEPs. My full support to #Macedonia and it's path towards Euro-Atlantic integration.

RT @Europarl_Photo: At start of #EPlenary members have observed a minute's silence for the victims of the Greek wildfires, the Genoa bridge collapse and Calabria floods. Parliament stands close to all those affected by these tragedies.