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Vice Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee of Estonian Parliament. International relations. Global security. Russia. Baltic States. China. EU. NATO. e-Government.


Sindaco di Borgosesia (VC), Pro Sindaco di Varallo (VC). Deputato Lega Nord al Parlamento europeo. Membro Comm. Industria e Agricoltura e Delegazione UE-Russia.

RT @SquawkCNBC: "I wouldn't take it, certainly not outside a clinical trial right now," says @ScottGottliebMD on breaking news from Russia that the country has approved a #COVID19 vaccine. "It appears that it's only been tested in several hundred patients at most."

RT @KerstinLundgren: #Russia still de facto occupies 20% of #Georgien territory in breach with IL. Today marks 12 sad years since the start of it. Ongoing creeping incursion. Full support for the integrity of the whole of #Georgia. @MFAgovge @SwedeninGE

RT @perfumeithaki: Putin openly bragged that Russia had the best prostitures ( bringing him a sense of great national pride ) which has kept #TrumpCrimeSyndicate and #ToryTraitors on a tight leash. #CorbynWasRight

Halystan (troll? estonia) retweeted @Sandraxf :

RT @Sandraxf: Sony Sci-Fi Russia updated their website and added this promotional photo of Stana Katic (background photo).… #Absentia

RT @jamiemfly: Proud that audiences are growing in Russia despite new Kremlin restrictions; that the Iranian regime views @RadioFarda_ as its mortal enemy, and that authoritarians threaten and complain daily about @RFERL's journalism, because they fear its power

RT @HMAMichaelAron: The recent spillage of 20,000 tonnes of fuel in Russia is causing massive environmental damage in Siberia. The SAFER tanker in Yemen has 150,000 tonnes of crude which would devastate the Red Sea and its coast if it leaked. The Houthis must allow the UN to tackle the issue.

RT @chrisinsilico: I have spoken at length to US federal agencies about how Russia deliberately takes advantage of racial tensions to instigate violence via their online disinformation operations. I genuinely worry we are now heading for a perfect storm.

RT @HuffPostUK: Tory MP @IoWBobSeely says now is the time for the government to be more hawkish on China, as it was with Russia after the Salisbury poisonings. Listen to the podcast now:

RT @Joannechocolat: RT @Joannechocolat: Dammit, why don't *I* have a Noble Prize for my work on Russia, Russia, Russia?

RT @realDonaldTrump: When will all of the “reporters” who have received Noble Prizes for their work on Russia, Russia, Russia, only to have been proven totally wrong (and, in fact, it was the other side who committed the crimes), be turning back their cherished “Nobles” so that they can be given....