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RT @policecommander: RT @policecommander: That’s not cakes. That’s the entire cake shop...…

RT @hospovoice: BREAKING: Queensland Parliament just voted to make wage theft a crime. Bosses who steal wages can now go to jail: that’s what these new laws mean. What a huge victory!! Congrats to every union member who helped win this change. Join your union: #qldpol

RT @Radiobex: RT @Radiobex: That’s it! This year is ruined. Though I think it also means I stay 38 as goose fair is synonymous with my birthday.

RT @AwardsDarwin: RT @AwardsDarwin: With all that’s going on in the world enjoy humans at their best. ◽

RT @derekobrienmp: RT @derekobrienmp: Call up two senior citizens every day for a chat to cheer them up during #lockdowns That’s it. That’s the tweet.

RT @MmusiMaimane: RT @MmusiMaimane: @Stellarated Conquer corruption. That’s all.

RT @mrjamesob: RT @mrjamesob: That’s not how you spell ‘world-beating’...

RT @deemadigan: RT @deemadigan: Peta Credlin just said labor was walloped at the 2010 election. Weirdly that’s not how I remembered it #EdenMonaroVotes

Marian Shinn (DA) retweeted @chantelle4u :

RT @chantelle4u: So.. SA today has a captain at the helm who can’t sail, a crew who can’t crew, a ship that’s barely floating due to holes and fires, starving people roaming the deck, ship still stick in the harbour, flying a white flag begging someone to save it 😢

RT @jeremyfaust: The WHO says that asymptomatic transmission is “very rare.” That’s the headline. Is that what @mvankerkhove is saying? No, I do not think so. Some thoughts in a brief 🧵… cc @jrovner @thehowie @MDaware @hmkyale @BillGates @AllisonRhines