All deleted tweets from politicians

@lizplane Or, if you’re a visual learner:… /ENDS

*Literally* the EU, this one. You’re utterly shameless, aren’t you?…

Corbyn hat people: you’re all loons.

RT @gavinshuker: RT @gavinshuker: Corbyn hat people: you’re all loons.

@Just_G88 If your accusation is that I care more about racism in my own party, than in other’s parties, you’re right. I have both the power and responsibility to do something about it in my own.

@MichaelPolakLaw You’re suggesting I disagree with that, I guess? It’s unclear. I don’t.

Getting you to carrying a cup around with you - fine. But has any business cracked cleaning a cup when you’re out and about? Serious question.

@philipjcowley ‘You’re hired.’

RT @thhamilton: I hope you will join me in supporting the Cat Bin Lady. Whatever you’re pro- or anti-cat, if you believe that people should be encouraged to avoid littering and commended for tidying up, please give generously. It is a very worthy cause.…

So, sorry if you’re waiting for a response from me; we’re reaching out to the organisers to see if there’s a retrospective fix.