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RT @spectatorindex: Countries that attended US embassy ceremony in Jerusalem: - Albania - Austria - Cameroon - Czech Republic - Ethiopia - Georgia - Hungary - Kenya - Myanmar - Macedonia - Nigeria - Peru - Philippines - Romania - Rwanda - Serbia - Tanzania - Thailand - Ukraine - Vietnam - Zambia

RT @PersistentIran: @BobBlackman Member of #British Parliament in Iranian Grand Gathering in #Albania The regime is trying 2 create international crisis because D ongoing protests against D regime R undermining its very survival. At the center of this stands the IRGC. #Iran #IStandWithMaryamRajavi

RT @MrTCHarris: RT @MrTCHarris: I just can't work out why Albania doesn't want the EU's second largest net contributor to leave. #puzzled

RT @foreignoffice: "We continue to w/ with our partners in the region on reform and progress" @AlanDuncanMP visits Albania & Kosovo 📰

RT @odysseanproject: RT @odysseanproject: The EU has literally built space in its new building for Turkey, Albania etc - your only vote on it is 23/6 https://t.…

RT @consforbritain: RT @consforbritain: We are already paying £2 billion to help Turkey, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro and Serbia join the EU. #VoteLeave #bbcdeb…

@ArthurStramash I'm watching the #ROMALB highlights. Got to feel some pleasure for Albania getting first goal in major tournament.

RT @bobrey2009: RT @bobrey2009: What about the 300000 patients arriving each year now plus the swarm from Albania,Ukraine&Turkey?Safer to #VoteLeave https:…

UK is paying nearly £2bn to Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia & Turkey so that they can join the EU - seriously. Embedded