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Ancien député. #Bruxelles #Benelux #Paris #Europe #transfrontalier #handicap #rugby #vinsnaturels


Feminism. Social justice. Europe. MEP | Greens [she/her]

RT @COBCOE: @theresa_may Consulting #SMEs & #business on #Brexit? Pls contact Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe https://t.c…

Yvette Cooper (Labour) retweeted @edballs :

RT @edballs: What does my flamenco dancing lesson tell us about the rise of right populism in Spain and across Europe ? #TravelsInEurolandW…

RT @TheWolfianEmag: @RhonddaBryant And Belarus who are not even in the Council of Europe

RT @DouglasCarswell: We need to talk about Europe. 2pm Bridgewater Hall in Manchester via @AddThis

RT @DouglasCarswell: Not banging on about Europe: via @AddThis

RT @DouglasCarswell: If a single monetary policy has been such a disaster for Europe, might it also be time to re-think all those other ...

RT @DouglasCarswell: A united Europe is our aim. Confirms EU chief. Today. This is what's coming if you vote Remain…

RT @DouglasCarswell: Added to Spotify playlist. Europe. The final countdown

RT @DouglasCarswell: A beautiful critique of the crapademic mind-set found in many universities in Europe and America…

RT @mattforde: "We are not leaving Europe". Because that would be geographically impossible.