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RT @CWGC: #OTD 75 years ago Corporal Thomas Priday became the first British soldier to be killed in action during #WW2 while out on a patrol his team stumbled into a booby-trapped field near the Maginot Line. He is commemorated by @CWGC at Luttange Communal Cemetery in France. #CWGCarchive

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RT @NI_Union: #OTD in 1987, the IRA murdered 11 on Remembrance Sunday in Enniskillen. A 12th victim lost his life 13 years later having been in a coma since the attack. 20 miles away another much larger bomb failed to explode as children in the Boys Brigade & Girls Brigade paraded by.

RT @OnThisDayPIRA: #OnThisDay in 1971 the IRA murdered Bridget Carr, 24. Waitress fatally wounded near Strabane 19th Nov & died #OTD From Gornatraw Co Donegal she was shot by murderers firing from south of the border at soldiers 150 yrds in to NI. She was behind the soldiers & hit in the head

RT @ScotUrbanPast: #OTD in 1962, the trams stopped running in Glasgow. Here's one of the last trams, on that very day, going down the Glasgow High Street.

RT @ScotUrbanPast: #OTD in 1873, the @ScottishFA was formed! Here's Cappielow Park in #Greenock, the oldest recorded football ground in Scotland since 1879.

RT @labour_history: #OTD 2006. Tony Blair gives his final speech to Labour Conference as Prime Minister: "What makes the difference is not belief alone, but the raw courage to make it happen." "They say I hate the party, and its traditions...There's only one tradition I hated: losing. "

RT @CllrWhitehouse: RT @CllrWhitehouse: #OTD in 1949 George Orwell published dystopian novel 1984. Should be compulsory reading for all who can:…

RT @labour_history: #OTD 1994. Tony Blair is elected Labour Leader. He tells the party: "The Tories have lost the nation’s trust. But that doesn't mean we inherit it automatically. We have to work for it. We have to earn it."

RT @labour_history: #OTD 2005. At the G8 meeting at Gleneagles, the debt of the eighteen poorest nations in Africa is cancelled. $50bn is also given in aid to developing countries.

RT @PlymouthOTD: #OTD in 1901 the first event was staged at #HomePark in #Plymouth and it wasn't football! The Argyle Athletics Club staged a meet. @Only1Argyle began as an offshoot from the Athletics club and within 2 years Home Park was hosting the Pilgrim's first competitive match.