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Diputado distrito 13: San Miguel, PAC, Lo Espejo, El Bosque, San Ramón, La Cisterna. Presidente del Partido Comunista de Chile.


Spokesperson/SA to Prime Minister,Former MNA,Chairman PAC,Member NSC,Chairman RPPC,Tehsil Nazim Malakwal

RT @rarepeacock: Bill 32 Doesn't: -Address PAC donations. -Rope in Union or Corp. contributions. -Improve the democratic process. DOES: -Allow anyone D+1 voting.(vs 6mo) -Forces student/health info to Elections AB How does this protect democracy in AB? @jkenney @DavidDorward @Alberta_UCP #abpoli

RT @Amanda_Nielsen_: Listening to Immigration Min @HonJohnMcCallum at @CREA_ACI's PAC Days. Great to hear his message of jobs investment!#CREAPAC16 #cdnpoli

RT @Polkameister: RT @Polkameister: Harper Pac - discloses who is involved & admits to supporting Harper. Engage Canada - hides who is involved lies about b…