All deleted tweets from politicians

Peter Julian (NDP) tweeted :

Glad that we’re not going for the Cadillac option which will cost an extra 110M. We are in the middle of a pandemic we shouldn’t spend money on an extravagant renovation. Money should be invested on people so no one is left behind due to the pandemic.…

Parm Gill (unknown) tweeted :

Watch out for this good looking team at the doors today! We’re hearing more and more that change is coming to Milton! #June7th #PCPO

Eve Adams (unknown) replied to @jedin00b :

@jedin00b We place signs only where permission is granted. I believe we’re the only folks who put our tel# on signs. Our team replaces stolen signs—but if we got your address wrong or you’ve changed your mind, just call. We can tell you who said yes and the week they said yes.

James Rajotte (unknown) retweeted @Rogers :

RT @Rogers: RT @Rogers: We’re donating $100,000 to Red Cross to help those affected by the Fort McMurray fires. #FortMacFire

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

And now we’re all aware that there’s a new Bronco. See how cynicism and earned media collide?

RT @jackcalifano: NEWS: Bernie is going to keep every single staff member on their healthcare through November. We’re all crying. I am so proud to work for this man 😭❤️

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

Good to see we’re past that pandemic nonsense and back to protecting our criminal cronies

Justin Trudeau (Liberal) tweeted :

There’s nothing quite like an East Coast Kitchen Party! And while things haven’t exactly been easy lately, we’re going to get through it all together. So tune in tonight and enjoy the show - and remember you’re not alone. #SickNotWeak ➡️

RT @elisa_levi: 3 things I have in common with Hayley Wickenheiser @wick_22 (1) We’re in a 3 year medical school program graduating in 2021 (2) born in 1978 (3) we’re moms :) - such an inspiring talk about navigating medicine & the importance of #RoleModels #trueleadership #CMAHealthSummit

We’re working closely with the @EdmontonOilers to support their bid. I’ve also written to Commissioner Bettman, and will be speaking with him later this week, to make the strong case for hosting in #Edmonton.