All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @markhumphries: I know this wouldn’t alter everything that’s been happening lately, but I feel like some of this stuff wouldn’t be occurring if the WWII generation were still alive to talk some sense into people.

@ChloefromC @David_Speers Well that’s not kind @David_Speers! Happy New Year to you and your hopefully tested soon family

RT @barriecassidy: RT @barriecassidy: That’s what this tactic is all about. They’re trying to spook the ABC out of a follow up report.…

RT @elissabell98: #DanAndrews responding to @rachelbaxendale on resigning “Rachel I don’t run from challenges that’s not who I am and if that’s not clear to you than you preps don’t know me” Bravo Dan well said 👏🏻 #WhatsTheIssueRachel #IStandWithDan

RT @ben_heap: Another good piece... “Australia has always been in competition for the best people. That’s how we got Sidney Myer and Frank Lowy. The next Frank Lowy is likely to be smack bang in the FinTech space.”…

Australia needs investment & lending laws are holding us back. That’s why we’re slashing red tape & fixing ASIC.

Iwe urgently need to raise awareness of pumped hydro and its vital role in the clean energy transition. That’s why I’m pleased to launch the International Forum on Pumped Storage Hydropower today with @iha_org and @ENERGY #pumpedstorageforum

RT @michaelkoziol: Pyne and Marles’ euphemism for the leadership coup is “personnel changes”. Asked why there’s a new PM, Pyne says “that’s a good question”

RT @jonkudelka: RT @jonkudelka: @GrahamPerrettMP Well that’s a cavalcade of misery right there.

RT @stephanieando: "That’s not leadership. It is partisanship. In a pandemic, it’s irresponsible, frankly." @BOConnorMP calls out @JoshFrydenberg over his attacks on Labor state governments. #auspol