All deleted tweets from politicians

Lynne Neagle (wales) retweeted @mattforde :

RT @mattforde: I’m not surprised that expelling Alastair Campbell has resulted in #ExpelMeToo. This is what happens when you’re completely out of touch with your own members over the biggest issue facing the nation and choose to make one of the world’s most prominent spin doctors the scapegoat

@AnnieWellsMSP You’re still outperforming Wales - but that’s because we’re still bottom of the UK PISA league

RT @KimRSenseCymru: If you’re looking for an exciting new role working across South, Mid or North Powys we have 3 positions available supporting citizens to live the life they want. Please get in touch if you’d like further information. #Powys #Wales…

RT @AdamMarkDavis: RT @AdamMarkDavis: Imagine earning 80k a year and playing the victim because you’re being asked to pay few hundred more in tax a year. htt…

Lynne Neagle (wales) retweeted @RJaks4 :

RT @RJaks4: We’re all set up for Mental Health Today Wales in Cardiff. If you work with people bereaved by suicide and you’re not 100% confident you have a support strategy in place come and speak to us. postvention is Prevention

Lynne Neagle (wales) retweeted @RJaks4 :

RT @RJaks4: On the train for Mental Health Today, Cardiff. If you’re interested in our PABBS Suicide bereavement training in Cardiff come and have a chat with me tomorrow or drop me a line…

@PhilVRees @ManonRadge @WelshLabour @GeraldJonesLAB @MTR_LabourParty @MarkDrakeford It an opinion I share, it you’re entitled to it.

@Carrageryr My knome is bigger than you’re knome. #JustSaying #BristolCity #WBA

RT @ShaunBaileyUK: The fact is the Mayor has no control over Brexit. The Mayor’s job is to keep Londoners safe. You’re failing. The Mayor’s job is to build homes. You’re failing. The Mayor’s job is to manage TfL and oversee Crossrail. You’re failing. I’m saying I would do those jobs.…

Good to hear that you’re being well cared for by the whole team. Pob lac with the recovery comrade.