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Pulling updates from @politwoops UK feed of deleted MPs tweets onto your timelines. We're back! Complaints to @julesmattsson

RT @MatthewHootonNZ: "If we're 'all in this together' when it comes to averting early deaths, then we had better all be in it together when it comes time to pay up." From my extended @NZHerald column today.…

RT @NZEImedia: RT @NZEImedia: Come hear what kids want this election. We're launching our election campaign & policy asks.10.45am at Te Aro School https:/…

RT @NZFirstNews: #covid19 It's more important than ever right now to support Kiwi business to help our economic recovery. While we're still under Level 4 restrictions, the easiest way to do this is to buy #NZownedNZmade when at the supermarket. 👇🛒

RT @kcroninfurman: So, between the two countries I live in, I've got the choice of "we're just going to go ahead and let the virus do its thing" or "we're going to sell all your health data to the private sector and still not test you for COVID-19". Which flavor dystopian nightmare do I pick?

RT @Coltheman1: Simon Bridges on @MagicTalkRadio "We killed the Feebate We killed the CGT and in 6 months time we're gonna kill this government." @simonjbridges @NZNationalParty #nzpol

RT @nzlabour: Homelessness is a long-term challenge that won't be solved overnight, but we're taking action and building on the good progress we've already made for New Zealanders in need of support ⤵️

RT @WellingtonZoo: RT @WellingtonZoo: Wooo we're all looking forward to this evening's Neighbours' Night!…

RT @nzlabour: This morning we announced the Big New Zealand Upgrade, the largest infrastructure investment in a generation. We're future-proofing our country and delivering on our promise to tackle New Zealand's long-term challenges 👏

RT @wecanecan: RT @wecanecan: Water - we're not doing enough or soon enough to protect quality - go Lan Pham! We all need to work on this.…

RT @nzlabour: We're giving nearly every state school funding to fix up rundown classrooms - and after nine years of neglect, we need all hands on deck. Our investment in NZ's schools also means more work for our local tradies. Supporting schools and creating jobs - that's a win-win.