All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Labour_Celts: To be fair it does look like you care @JamesKellyLab because you sound like you’re going to cry. What you did today was a disgrace and a betrayal to party members. Have you never sat back and asked yourself whether you’re being played by the plotters to look like a fool?

RT @MancSel: RT @MancSel: @piersmorgan You’re doing a better job of holding the Govt to account than @Keir_Starmer

RT @sahouraxo: “Evo Morales, if you see this, more power to you. I hope your exile is short, your people need you. You’re the first indigenous leader of all of South America. You’ve pulled so many of your people out of poverty and gave them a sense of dignity.” Thank you Roger Waters.

RT @Johnny_TooBad2: RT @Johnny_TooBad2: @floranray @georgegalloway Spat my coffee out, there, when George said to Hodges, ‘’re a man who likes the truth.…

RT @peoplesvote_uk: The Brexit deal is the worst deal ever. If you’re #NotBuyingIt, write to your MP NOW and tell them you want a #PeoplesVote on the#Brexit deal. Tell them to reject the deal and demand a #PeoplesVote. Time is running out:

RT @CorbynistaTeen: “You’re erasing history!” Now Bristol *only* has: Colston Hill Colston Road Colston Street Colston Avenue Colston Parade Colston Girls’ School Colston Tower Colston Hall The Colston Arms Colston Almshouses Colston Tower Colston Fort...

RT @DevlinEsq: Off to see two old reds @TheOldRep. Just kidding @georgegalloway and @ken4london you’re still fighting fit. Very much looking forward to the show.

Sadiq Khan (Labour) retweeted @TfL :

RT @TfL: ⚠️ Stay at home ❌ Do not travel unless your journey is absolutely essential ℹ️ If you’re a key worker and your journey is absolutely essential, please travel later in the day if you can and avoid the early morning #stayhomesavelives

RT @CovidAidUK: Great stuff! If you’re going out tomorrow please make sure you look at the Queer Care guidance to ensure you aren’t unintentionally putting people at risk… 💫💚

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