All deleted tweets from politicians



MP for Waiariki. Authorised Tāmati Coffey, Parliament Buildings, Wgtn. We’re all in this together and no one makes it out alive. So lets look after each other.

Nazier Paulsen (EFF) tweeted :

We’re on the ground in Ward 31 and Avuyile and Vuyo who turn 18 in January 2019 have already made up their minds that they’re voting EFF. #WozaEFF2019 #OneProvinceOneMillionVotes

Nazier Paulsen (EFF) tweeted :

Warning!!! If you’re not a fan of health and fitness you’ll find the attached clip very annoying. But we’re entering the weekend of the North West Provincial People’s Assembly like...

RT @MbalulaFikile: BREAKING: Together with Mogale City Municipality, we’re demolishing drug and human trafficking dens. We’ve closed down s…

RT @FabAcademic: The year started rough - the passing away of our youngest son took me away from social media. We’re still mourning 😢So am…