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by President @CyrilRamaphosa at the Second Session of the virtual G20 Leaders’ Summit on Building an Inclusive, Sustainable, and Resilient Future

RT @spectatorindex: G20 members ranked by GDP size. 1. US 2. EU 3. China 4. Japan 5. Germany 6. India 7. UK 8. France 9. Italy 10. Brazil 11. Canada 12. South Korea 13. Russia 14. Australia 15. Mexico 16. Indonesia 17. Saudi Arabia 18. Turkey 19. Argentina 20. South Africa

RT @spectatorindex: G20 countries by GDP growth, 2019 India: 7.3% China: 6.3% Indonesia: 5.2% S Korea: 2.6% US: 2.3% Brazil: 2.1% Australia: 2.1% Saudi: 1.8% Russia: 1.6% Mexico: 1.6% Canada: 1.5% France: 1.3% S Africa: 1.2% UK: 1.2% Japan: 1% Germany: 0.8% Italy: 0% Argentina: -1.2% Turkey: -2.5%

RT @spectatorindex: G20 countries by govt debt as share of GDP. Japan: 237% Italy: 129% US: 108% France: 96% Brazil: 91% UK: 87% Canada: 85% India: 68% Argentina: 58% South Africa: 57% Germany: 56% China: 54% Mexico: 54% Australia: 41% Korea: 40% Turkey: 34% Indonesia: 30% Saudi: 20% Russia:15%

PresidencyZA (ANC) tweeted :

President @CyrilRamaphosa addressing the #BRICS Informal meeting that is taking place ahead of the 2019 G20 Leaders' Summit held in Osaka Japan. The meeting chaired by Brazil seeks to consolidate the bloc's position around the G20 agenda. 28/06/19

PRESIDENT RAMAPHOSA AT THE G20 SUMMIT President Ramaphosa will hold bilateral meetings with various Heads of States to strengthen and deepen relations with partner countries and present South Africa as an attractive investment destination. #G20Summit

PRESIDENT RAMAPHOSA AT THE G20 SUMMIT President Ramaphosa will Chair a BRICS Leaders’ Summit on the margins of the G20. This will be the final meeting of BRICS Leaders chaired by South Africa before Brazil assumes the Presidency on 1 January 2019. #G20Summit

RT @CyrilRamaphosa: I received the BRICS Heads of State and Government earlier for our meeting ahead of the G20 Summit. All members of BRICS are members of the G20 & have established a practice of coordinating the contribution of this group of emerging economies in multilateral forums such as #G20.

ORIGINAL SIN Pres @CyrilRamaphosa explains to investors at the G20 summit why the SA gov is embarking on a land reform process. “The majority of our people was given less than 13% of the land. That was bound to create problems,” #G20InvestmentSummit