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RT @ranil: Great meeting with @GudlaugurThor! 🇬🇧🇮🇸 trade remains strong, worth over £1.4bn last year, and is in safe hands. 🤝 I look forward to working closely together to boost this further - and as we press on with important trade talks. #GlobalTrade #GlobalBritain #Iceland #EEA #EFTA

RT @herrurbach: RT @herrurbach: I don‘t say that the next US election will bring devastation but have you all seen Postman?

RT @owillis: can we please finally stifle the myth of the businessman president? we've done it twice in 20 years and it's a goddamned disaster -- even for business!

RT @helga_kristin: RT @helga_kristin: #metoo umræðuhópar á #landsfundur18 er eitt stærsta framfaraspor sem ég hef upplifað í starfi Sjálfstæðisflokks. Vel gert

In a statement I delivered today on behalf of the Nordic Countries at #UNSC Arria meeting on the situation in #Belarus I stressed that we cannot stand idly by & hesitate in our criticism, when faced with such grave human rights violations & restrictions of freedoms.@UrmasReinsalu

RT @ClimateReality: "If Greenland's ice losses continue on their current trajectory, an extra 25 million people could be flooded each year by the end of this century."

Sara skorar gegn Wolfsburg…

RT @hankgreen: The story isn't that Jerry Falwell Jr's wife had sex with someone other than him, it's that the guy she was having sex with had photos of her and then Michael Cohen somehow got the photos and then Falwell suddenly and unexpectedly endorsed Donald Trump.…

Truly impressed by the solidarity expressed this weekend by thousands of Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians towards the people of #Belarus fighting for democracy, freedom and human rights. #FreedomWay @UrmasReinsalu @edgardsrinkevics @LinkeviciusL 🇪🇪🇱🇻🇱🇹🇮🇸