All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @StrongerIn: RT @StrongerIn: Vote REMAIN, and you’re voting with British heroes like Becks, Bear, Bobby and BOND. #EUref

RT @HalfWrite: RT @HalfWrite: @bobblackmanmp If you think that you’re safe from being made homeless, you’re wrong… #HomelessnessRed…

@matthewsyed @StigAbell If you’re worried about it, you’re not a real summer lover.

RT @HenryPryor: RT @HenryPryor: You know you’re in with a shout when you get the support of @StevenJNorris.…

RT @NHSPHB: If you have NHS Continuing Healthcare did you know you’re eligible for a personal health budget? See how it can mean more choice, control and flexibility over your health care #PersonalisedCare #NHSPHB

Come on Ian.... you must remember the Edinburgh agreement that Nicola and Alex signed up to. I can jog you’re memory if you Iike?

RT @Kusznir_M: It doesn’t matter if you’re from Aberdeen, Armagh or Aberystwyth, we’ve pulled together to deal with #COVID19 and we’re stronger together as we face tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities 🇬🇧#separationwouldbeanationaldisaster…

RT @DWPonDisability: If you’re a #DisabilityConfident member don’t forget to add your membership badge to job adverts and application forms so applicants know you’re a disability-friendly employer

Yes, it’s great news. I’ve been supporting the organisation to draw down the grant. You’re team have been great so far.