All deleted tweets from politicians

@gemmacdoyle You’re not.

@Natguillou You’re jealous of my Ford Focus Mk2.5. I get it.

67 days to a cliff edge Brexit. ‘Nudging’ ain’t going to cut it. If you’re indifferent about leaving the EU without a deal at least be straight-talking and honest about it.

Coincidentally, if you’re in @UKLabour, and not asking yourself that question.. well..

@Kcim67 ‘you’re’

That thing when you’re in a meeting so long you come out and discover you’ve fallen into another universe.

@DPMcBride And why did she have to step down again? I mean, if you’re propping those guys up, at least have the good grace to go to ground.

@DPMcBride I don’t. And that’s lovely to hear. But at what point do you ask yourself the question about what you’re doing propping it all up? I mean, seriously. You’re not in the stands. You’re on the pitch.

RT @TheBishF1: Oi @Andrew_Adonis, you’re now unfollowed by me & doubtless countless other Remainers. @UKLabour is a Brexit party; you know that. In this statement you’ve therefore undermined months of your brilliant work during which you used to put country ahead of party. Byebye. For shame.

RT @BethRigby: Corbyn digging in on election message; “I say to May if you’re so confident of your deal call an election and let people decide”. But on confidence vote, no more movement: will call when “we judge it to have the best chance of success” > exactly the same line as December