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RT @oneplus: RT @oneplus: We're ready to start! Hit ❤️ if you're excited about the #OnePlus7T.

RT @BlakeNorthcott: RT @BlakeNorthcott: We're all living in 2018. Deadpool 2's marketing team is living in 3018.

C R Paatil (india) retweeted @BJP4India :

RT @BJP4India: Till 2014, only 217 defense licenses were issued. In the last 5 years, this number has grown to 460. We're building several defense pieces of equipment like artillery guns, aircraft carriers, submarines, light-combat aircrafts, and combat helicopters in India today: PM Modi

RT @PetroMin_Shadow: RT @PetroMin_Shadow: We're witnessing a historic fall in the oil price, down more than 50% in less than a year. What it means:…

RT @BabaGlocal: RT @BabaGlocal: .@gauravcsawant yes we're not there yet. WHICH IS WHY we fight the Sangh goons. We dont want Purohit & Pragya to call the s…

RT @SinghNavdeep: I consider myself liberal. I also stand for peace. However women & men in uniform are not "sons of poor", we're not a militia satiating a tinpot leadership's bloodlust. We're an ethical military working under a constitutional democracy to protect citizenry…

RT @tweetsoutloud: RT @tweetsoutloud: We're in a room, watching this and all of us are sympathizing hard right now, telling stories of the heartbreaking momen…

RT @ANI: Pradeep Kumar, CRPF Official: Madhya Pradesh Police aren't letting us work, they're hurling abuses at us. We're only following orders of our seniors. Seniors have asked us to not let anybody in. Proceedings are on, that’s why we're not letting anybody in; only performing our duty

Congress (india) tweeted :

LIVE: We're #InConversationWith Sam Pitroda Chairman, Indian Overseas Congress.…

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We've had an incredible response to our #NYAYForIndia logo contest, hundreds of designs have come in & we're picking the best ones. Keep sending us more before 30th March & you could meet CP @RahulGandhi. In the mean time pick your favourite. Like for 1 & RT for 2: