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@Qld Greens candidate for Clayfield @4zzzradio vollie & Barista of Mercy @ShadowplayBNE You’re living for nothing now, I hope you’re keeping some kind of record


Labour MP for Leicester West. If you’re a resident and need my help please ring 0116 204 4980 or email

RT @StrongerIn: RT @StrongerIn: Every vote in this referendum counts - make sure you’re heard on June 23rd:

RT @RachaelFMcCabeX: The positive difference @justinmadders has made in my community is undeniable, everyone #VoteLabourToday and if you’re in neston let’s all vote Justin 🌹❤️

RT @Nadine_Fairy: @alecia_bamford @msm4rsh @SharonHodgsonMP @thismorning You’re absolutely right! I wanted to bring our baby back home to be with us not cremated with other lost babies at the hospital. My biggest irrational fear was that they would treat the baby as clinical waste. I felt comfort from having our baby back with us x

RT @Mark0rmerod: RT @Mark0rmerod: @SharonHodgsonMP would this be of interest! You’re not my MP but your attendance would be fantastic!…

RT @WeeBrian86: @KevinStewartSNP unacceptable decision. Originally from #Falkirk, I can safely say you’re going against the majority of opinion. You must reconsider and stop pandering to @INEOS_GM and the likes...… Falkirk MSPs like @MathesonMichael should have a word...

RT @BSFGreen: @MonicaLennon7 @JeaneF1MSP @theSNP @haughey_clare @CllrChalmersSNP If you’re so open to scrutiny then you should probably just go ahead and do the public sessions at NHS summits @JeaneF1MSP. It is disappointing, and you’re leaving yourself open to scrutiny. Yes travelling cabinets ect are great, on top of the basics like the NHS summits.

RT @JonAshworth: You’re completely undermining your own public health messaging about this awful deadly virus - guidance which you described as ‘rules’ (which we support). And now we know Mr Cummings has completely undermined you and your defence of him…

Helen Goodman (Labour) retweeted @keccks :

RT @keccks: If you’re worried about the #locallockdown in Greater Manchester affecting your specsavers appointment please feel free to drive 2hrs to Barnard Castle with your family in the car. That’s acceptable and totally ok no matter the lockdown rules.

RT @mgaskell12: If you’re gambling on Ukrainian football you’re not ‘at risk’. You have a very real gambling problem. Tapping out is not what you need. You need to stop, and reconnect with your life. Where is the access to support & Gamstop on this advert?

RT @andrewellson: If you’re going abroad, think twice about buying travel cover from Boots or any of the following brands I’ve spent months investigating the insurer behind these brands and how it has treated customers caught up in medical emergencies has horrified me…