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Conservative MP for Sleaford & North Hykeham. Conservative Party Vice Chair. NHS Doctor. If you’re a constituent please email


Labour MP for Leicester West. If you’re a resident and need my help please ring 0116 204 4980 or email

Steve McCabe (Labour) tweeted :

Let’s prey you know what you’re doing this time and it proves more successful than that plane load of PPE you procured from Turkey or the self developed App you decided to trial on Isle of Wight as part of your world class test, track and trace system.

Kerry McCarthy (Labour) replied to @JakeBS3 :

@JakeBS3 @marleybennett As Ian Brown used to say, it’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at... Although by the same token Marley now ought to stop playing for Easton Cowboys.

@paulhewson71 I was right the first time: you really are a nutter. Anyway, seeing as how you’re so obsessed with Israel, tell me specifically which bits of the land were stolen? Go on, get your map out and try to find it, you stupid fool.

Clive Lewis MP (Labour) tweeted :

My take on your comment here?: You’re a total Fuckerie.

@donzakbass @edwardpoole1975 You’re a joke.

Tulip Siddiq (Labour) replied to @aldo_doel :

@aldo_doel Hope you’re ok. Sending good vibes x

Bill Esterson (Labour) tweeted :

If you’re so keen on free trade, why are you cosying up to the protectionist US President? Luz, you’re trying to ride two horses at once here. Careful you don’t fall off!

Thank you for highlighting this @RebeccaEvansAM. Check what you’re owed:…

When you represent the interests of working people against vested interests, you either get this nonsense or you’re accused of the politics of envy. At least we’re upsetting the right people!… via @MailOnline

@mcashmanCBE What a disgrace. We’ll know when the Labour Party has to its true values when you’re back in and the racists are out X