All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @mikegalsworthy: That’s because Japan pushed for a superficial replacement deal so that they don’t get too disrupted by UK Brexit stupidity. UK was hoping for a deal deeper than the EU-Japan deal, but looks like that won’t happen.…

RT @Dyfedj: RT @Dyfedj: @WelshDalaiLama @HywelPlaidCymru Anna Brees? That’s the Cofi word for owing someone money?

RT @JonnyOwenFilm: Tories...The Miners were a disgrace not having a vote before they went on Strike. That’s the basis of democracy of which we are so proud and they had to be crushed...Oh okay....So you having one in Parliament about going to War?....Oh no no no....That’s different.

RT @NicolaSturgeon: It’s not independence that’s threatening Scotland’s internationalism - it’s not being independent and therefore dragged out of the EU against our will that’s doing it.…

RT @paulleyshon: RT @paulleyshon: That’s shorts weather if youre a soundman.

RT @HorusArisen: @neiljmcevoy @simonchandler50 That’s a beautiful way of expressing how I feel learning now. The way your mind expands to understand known but different expressions and concepts.

RT @HelenMaryCymru: ⁦@Adamprice⁩ tells the crowd at the Diplomat Hotel in Llanelli ‘We need a politics of love. That’s the only way we can defeat the politics of hate. Love is at the heart of the ⁦@Plaid_Cymru⁩ - love for Wales, for the people of Wales, and for people worldwide.’