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RT @markhumphries: I know this wouldn’t alter everything that’s been happening lately, but I feel like some of this stuff wouldn’t be occurring if the WWII generation were still alive to talk some sense into people.

RT @elissabell98: #DanAndrews responding to @rachelbaxendale on resigning “Rachel I don’t run from challenges that’s not who I am and if that’s not clear to you than you preps don’t know me” Bravo Dan well said 👏🏻 #WhatsTheIssueRachel #IStandWithDan

RT @michaelkoziol: Pyne and Marles’ euphemism for the leadership coup is “personnel changes”. Asked why there’s a new PM, Pyne says “that’s a good question”

RT @jonkudelka: RT @jonkudelka: @GrahamPerrettMP Well that’s a cavalcade of misery right there.

A future made in Australia. That’s Labor’s vision for the future.

The Morrison Government had no plan for COVID-19 in aged care. Neglect. That’s the legacy of this Government when it comes to aged care. #auspol

You aren't for jobs if you're the Party of WorkChoices, cuts to penalty rates and cuts to superannuation - that’s the Morrison Government. #auspol

RT @EamonnFitz: Yup. Tories helping Tories. That’s why in NT the Greens preferenced the party which wants unrestricted fracking and to imprison children. They are Liberals.

RT @deemadigan: RT @deemadigan: Peta Credlin just said labor was walloped at the 2010 election. Weirdly that’s not how I remembered it #EdenMonaroVotes

RT @Corinne4Petrie: Yep. Yep I do @LukeHowarthMP That’s why our local schools in Petrie will be $20.3 million better off under Labor #fairerfundingnow