All deleted tweets from politicians



Conservative MP for Sleaford & North Hykeham. Conservative Party Vice Chair. NHS Doctor. If you’re a constituent please email


Independent Peer. Ex-Labour MP. Trade Envoy to Israel. Chair @MainstreamUK. Cyclist. Villa fan. If hard left nutters don’t hate you, you’re doing it wrong.

RT @EamonnFitz: @SenatorMcGrath Yep you’re right. Time to start the war on city dwelling, high falutin, taxpayer funded, soy latte sipping elites The Nationals/LNP. They’re a total sham.

RT @MurrayWatt: If you’re a Liberal Senator, the Minister escorts you around his Dept’s bushfire recovery mobile centres. If you’re a Labor MP, whose constituents need help, the same Minister tells you to read his Twitter feed. @fiboydphillips @MikeKellyofEM

RT @workmanalice: RT @workmanalice: Text from Coalition Senator - hope you’re enjoying the dying days of the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison government ◽ ◽

RT @tom_cowie: RT @tom_cowie: If you’re looking for flood maps in your area, the SES has some here:… #melbweather #vicstorms

RT @AustralianLabor: If you’re caught up in the frightening, dangerous ordeal of family violence what you need is practical help, real money and concrete support on the frontline. And that’s what a Labor government will deliver. #auspol…

RT @JEChalmers: If you’re working over Easter and your penalty rates have been cut, you have Scott Morrison to thank for that because he voted against restoring them eight times #auspol #ausvotes

RT @TonyAbbottMHR: It’s amazing the things you see and learn when you’re door knocking. The Tango Avenue street library is a testament to the strong community we have throughout Warringah. 📚

RT @KKeneally: RT @KKeneally: “You’re telling me that there are people out there who don’t have a share portfolio? You’re kidding, right?”…

RT @simonahac: @LyleShelton @AuConservatives lyle, i’ll just leave these here. if you’re inclined to explain why they’re of no concern, i’m all ears.

RT @MarkDiStef: RT @MarkDiStef: If you’re 17 and turning 18 between August 24 and November 15… you can’t vote!…