All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @EamonnFitz: RT @EamonnFitz: .@couriermail might want to fix this. That’s a Morrison gaffe. #auspol

RT @AustralianLabor: Scott Morrison’s Liberals and Nationals are divided, out of touch and only for the top end of town. That’s why Scott Morrison voted down the Banking Royal Commission 26 times, and that’s why he’s responsible for the most savage cuts of this government. #auspol

RT @vanbadham: Oh my god. The 2PP in #VicVotes is 57-43. That’s one point less than Curtin’s nation-builder of 1943, which went 58-42. And we’ve got four years to enjoy good, community-building, socialist policy. I could literally smooch 57% of Victorians right now.

RT @Mark_Butler_MP: That’s twice in 12 months the Liberals have fought an election attacking Labor’s renewable energy policies and promising to build new coal stations - and lost! Time for Scott Morrison to junk the hard-right rubbish on climate and energy.

RT @billshortenmp: RT @billshortenmp: Better schools and hospitals, not cuts and chaos. That’s my commitment to you.

RT @tanya_plibersek: That’s why ALP women started working decades ago for equality and its why we’re at 46% female representation in the federal parliament now and expect to get to 50/50 at the next election - 6 years ahead of our target. It doesn’t happen by accident.…

That’s because #Morrison is not #fair dinkum. #auspol

That’s because #Morrison is a #clown He’s one of those bendy blowup figures that sways this way and that in the wind #AusPol

RT @billshortenmp: There’s nothing more important than your health – and that’s why under Labor it will always be your Medicare card not your credit card that determine your access to good healthcare.

◽ ‘the universe!’ That’s a big call #auspol