All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @LindaBurneyMP: Today’s #NationalApology belongs to the survivors whove bravely shared their experiences with the Royal Commission. We acknowledge the failings of govs and institutions entrusted with some of vulnerable children, who hid those abuses away. Today we say we believe you.

RT @meredithhammat: So many amazing women doing the Anna Stewart Program that we could hardly fit them in the photo! Today’s panel discussion was about getting active & taking on leadership in the workplace & in their union. #awesomewomen #ausunions #women #leadership

RT @jonkudelka: RT @jonkudelka: A Whiff Of Victory in today’s ⁦@australian⁩

All govt ministers except Birmo missing from the start of today’s senate #MIA #libspil #DUTTON #auspol

RT @MurrayWatt: RT @MurrayWatt: Thanks @tanya_plibersek for joining us for today’s doorknocking session for @SusanLambALP in #Longman!…

RT @MurrayWatt: Today’s Essential poll shows more Australians support an increase to Newstart benefits than Turnbull’s company tax cuts.

RT @MagdaSzubanski: After a massive year really looking forward to celebrating in today’s #PRIDE March!! I’ll be part of the #MarriageEquality contingent. It’s a hottie so be sure to slip slop slap! 😃😎🏳️‍🌈❤️😘

RT @Shorten_Suite: PM🎩 and SloMo said the word “regrettable” six times at today’s press conference. There was one mention of banking victims. That was by a journalist asking a question #auspol

RT @billshortenmp: Wishing @AnnastaciaMP and @QLDLabor all the best in today’s election. Queenslanders have a clear choice: a strong Labor government creating jobs and investing in the community or a LNP-One Nation coalition cutting services.

RT @firstdogonmoon: RT @firstdogonmoon: Today’s cartoon! The Guide to Modern Living gets the chop from the ABC but I’m not mad at all. Not at all.…