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Economics professor, quietly writing obscure economic texts for years, until thrust onto the public scene by Europe's inane handling of an inevitable crisis

Europe's 'huge black market' of fake passports raises terror threat in Britain! -… Follow @BritainFirst

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ISLAMISATION: Qatar, Saudi Arabia to Islamize one of Europe's greatest cathedrals! -… Follow @BritainFirst

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Migrant backlash as refugees turn on smugglers in spate of murders on Europe's doorstep -…

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Europe's stock markets nosedive as bank policies fail -…

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OUT OF CONTROL! Africa's population to DOUBLE by 2050, while Europe's population shrinks! -…

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BIGOTS! Europe's biggest mosque shuns scheme to open doors to Christians during Eid! -…

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'Europe's Christian legacy in danger' Archbishop of Vienna in warning about migrant ... -…