All deleted tweets from politicians



Conservative MP for Sleaford & North Hykeham. Conservative Party Vice Chair. NHS Doctor. If you’re a constituent please email


Independent Peer. Ex-Labour MP. Trade Envoy to Israel. Chair @MainstreamUK. Cyclist. Villa fan. If hard left nutters don’t hate you, you’re doing it wrong.

RT @EsethuHasane_: Netflix can be overwhelming when you’re searching for something to watch. Please reply with a Series, Movie or any Documentary you found good. Let’s help each other 😌

RT @akaworldwide: Over the next few months you’re going to see a lot of fist pumping and campaigning ... If you consider yourself a cadre and want someone to give you actual answers, tweet me over the next few months and I’ll try get some from leadership. 🖤💛💚

RT @PearlThusi: RT @PearlThusi: Fill up trending regardless of who’s side you’re on is still a win for Cassper. That’s the funny part of this entire debacl…

RT @PearlThusi: RT @PearlThusi: You tell me— you’re following me. ◽…

RT @ChefRoble: RT @ChefRoble: “You’re treating me like a f*cking black persooooooooon”! ◽

RT @LeanneManas: You’re a consummate professional @peterndoro! We worked under the most pressurized conditions this week that nobody can ever in their wildest dreams imagine. The only thing you did wrong was show you were human & not machine! Go rest my friend see you soon..

RT @GwedeMantashe1: RT @GwedeMantashe1: When I step out of that #ANCConference I will be unemployed, so if you’re looking for an editor, I am available

RT @MrCashtime: If this man’s tenacity and unlimited thinking doesn’t motivate you to push yourself beyond the ordinary then you’re your own growth’s biggest enemy #FIllUpFNBStadium @CassperNyovest 💯

RT @MbalulaFikile: @MmusiMaimane is this the #BlackMonday you’re in support of ? What is this arrogant display of insensitive and disregard of our past ?

RT @Tswana_Guy3: RT @Tswana_Guy3: Only those who care about you can hear you when you’re quiet.