All deleted tweets from politicians



An archive of public tweets, deleted by politicians in Greece.


Member of the European Parliament for #Greece; @EPPGroup / @ND_Europarl / @EP_Transport @EP_GenderEqual @EP_Justice

Michel Reimon (EU) retweeted @Refugees :

RT @Refugees: Sea arrivals in Greece were unprecedented in 2015. Our #NansenAward winners were heroes…

RT @TerryReintke: Yeah! Congratulations to @SkaKeller for this broad majority on supporting Italy and Greece in asylum issues. #EP https://…

Michel Reimon (EU) retweeted @wonkmonk_ :

RT @wonkmonk_: Greece draws up drachma plans, prepares to miss IMF payment

Michel Reimon (EU) retweeted @pdacosta :

RT @pdacosta: And they say #Greece hasn't imposed enough austerity… h/t @COdendahl…

RT @SpiegelPeter: Looking increasingly possible #IMF may not be able to disburse #Greece bailout aid w/#EU, IMF board told…

Michel Reimon (EU) retweeted @WSJeurope :

RT @WSJeurope: Greece won’t meet IMF repayments in June, interior minister says

Michel Reimon (EU) retweeted @YanniKouts :

RT @YanniKouts: History's irony: Acc to mythology, Europa was a native of Phoenicia (today's Lebanon) &was kidnapped & brought to Greece (E…

RT @SpiegelPeter: I'm hearing #eurogroup is now finished. #Greece

Michel Reimon (EU) tweeted :

Europe strikes back: It seems to be trying to push Greece out of the euro

RT @twittprognosis: Greece: Latest poll shows outright majority for SYRIZA-LEFT if there was a snap election. #Greferendum #Grexit http://t…