All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Whatapityonyou: RT @Whatapityonyou: Biden: “We cannot win this re-election” Me: well that’s certainly true

RT @WilliamPMack: So that’s plebs, trots, hard-left, rebels, snowflakes, dogs, antisemites and now cranks. I’m getting dizzy. Might complain but would doubtless only confirm my crankiness. And all for being an actual socialist. #cranksrus #socialism

RT @SamanthaPippin7: I wonder why @carolecadwalla isn’t investigating this 🤔or @Channel4News for that matter! Very strange indeed that’s it left to a Labour MP to delve further, and not a single MSM journalist is on it.......…

RT @SamanthaPippin7: @Georgin36410016 @georgegalloway @brexitparty_uk @UKLabour That’s not true though is it. The MEPs standing for Election for my region are all advocating a #PeoplesVote despite recognising that millions of Northerners voted Leave! I’m a Remainer but don’t support their stance. A bunch of self serving Blairites hellbent on losing us a GE!

RT @SamanthaPippin7: @nightly_moth @georgegalloway @DerbyChrisW @UKLabour @west_brom That’s what’s so infuriating about this whole undemocratic process. The ‘Usual Suspects’ will ride back in to their Seats on the coat tails of Corbyn’s popularity and then the whole barrage of smears will recommence. Meanwhile, faithful Comrade @DerbyChrisW is out on his ear.

RT @SamanthaPippin7: @AsaWinstanley @jeremycorbyn I think we all saw this coming, that’s why I’ve walked away and joined another Socialist Party. It’s only a matter of time before the whole of the left membership are purged on spurious grounds. @UKLabour are finished now Blairites have full control of machinery.

RT @HadiNasrallah: That’s democracy for you America. Enjoy what your regime bombed our countries to ashes for. If democracy means choosing between a tornado and a tsunami, You can keep it #Debates2020

RT @JamesHeartfield: I won’t spell out # RIPJKRowling and help it to trend more, but honestly, if that’s what you are posting you need psychiatric help. It is not healthy to be angry with someone you don’t know for writing a character in a novel that you haven’t read.

RT @mehdirhasan: Wow a ‘large rock’? Really? Wow. That’s crazy. You’ll never guess what the Israeli military have ‘hurled’ at the Palestinians of Gaza over the last few months.…

RT @FuzzyWuzzyTO: RT @FuzzyWuzzyTO: If it’s possible to localize a genocide, then that’s what this was.