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RT @sahouraxo: Revolts against governments that are US allies/NATO members aren’t considered newsworthy. That’s why corporate media ignored yesterday’s massive anti-Macron protests in #France. #GiletsJaunes #YellowVests #Greve20Fevrier

RT @Lindsey35791: @TheStruggleUK @talkRADIO @georgegalloway I never thought I’d set an alarm to listen to a radio show but that’s exactly what I do. It’s so worth it!! I’ll be getting my old tapes out next 😂

George Galloway (unknown) tweeted :

Gotta say if I ever see television that’s better than #MoneyHeist I will consider myself very lucky. A Dadaist masterpiece of which Dali would be proud. Except of course for its anti-fascist message. Utterly brilliant soundtrack too #bellaciao @netflix

RT @sahouraxo: Oh, that’s funny. I could’ve sworn George Bush used “lying and untruth as a basic method” to invade Iraq, kill and displace millions of human beings, give rise to ISIS and set the entire Middle East on fire, but I guess I was just dreaming.…

RT @Underground_RT: “There are pockets of order that can momentarily form on the cosmic timeline and that’s what you and I, the sun, the Earth, that’s all that these structures are.” -Professor @BrianGreene discusses his new book ‘Until the End of Time’ MONDAY ON RT…

RT @k_garethkeenan7: @Labour_Celts That’s true, just a shame it has been limited to individual support. Unfortunately I feel like admirable people such as Corbyn and George Galloway are the exceptions in the PLP when ideally they should be the norm

RT @georgegalloway: I just wish some folks would be honest that’s all. They’re trying to stop #Brexit by hook or by crook. Talk of “prorogation” “No Deal” “Courts” “parliamentary scrutiny” etc is just hogwash. They want to reverse the referendum result. And 17.4 million people can see it clearly.

RT @Jordan_SP1: @tigerfish4 @georgegalloway No, but that’s not the point. I support the recall petition because the people of Peterborough do not have an MP representing their interests anymore (was jailed for a month) - she won under the Labour banner & is now independent. Only fair to let them decide accordingly.

RT @danofchester: RT @danofchester: Wow. From The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. Written 1914. That’s 1914. Over a hundred years ago...…

George Galloway (unknown) tweeted :

“On Wednesday Theresa May is no more and I wanted to pay tribute to her achievements .. well that’s that then. Her achievements are nil. She is the worst, most ineffectual most robotic Prime Minister that Britain has ever had and that’s saying something..” #MOATS | LIVE