All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @USAmbUK: As I’ve said before, the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 has all the ingredients for success – America 🇺🇸 stands with you as you forge ahead with your exciting new future.…

RT @_hanimustafa: Pleased to be able to attend Number 10 again this evening for a reception. (Big smile because I’ve managed to do so without the need for Corbyn to unlock my potential)

RT @_hanimustafa: I’ll just finish on the point that it’s funny all these attacking me as some sort of Remoner, given I’ve invested so much time doing media, knocking on doors, doing real campaigning for Brexit, while their idea of meaningful contribution was sharing Britain First posts on FB

RT @peterbotting: RT @peterbotting: I’ve written about Lord Spicer already. But this from ⁦@DanielJHannan⁩ is well worth reading.…

@MattBrookes3 Oh, I’ve spent three years trying to build bridges. I started on the morning of 24 June as the results came in. There is a parallel universe somewhere where we joined EFTA and avoided all this nastiness.

RT @cmackinlay: I’ve already cast my vote for @DanielJHannan @Conservatives for #MEP #SouthEast. You won’t find a more decent & erudite campaigner who has played a key role in securing the #Brexit vote. He and his team deserve your support today. #StandUp4Brexit

RT @CllrCarpenter: @wallaceme @JuliaHB1 I voted Conservative (even though I’m furious about Brexit not happening). I’ve done it for Daniel Hannan. No other reason. #EUelections

RT @CllrWarrenWhyte: RT @CllrWarrenWhyte: I’ve voted for @DanielJHannan today. A strong voice for #Brexit and the U.K.

RT @mariacaulfield: I’ve already voted for @DanielJHannan with a postal vote . Not too late for you to vote for him today. Polls open until 10pm .A true Brexiteer and great MEP for the South East

RT @MattBridgerUK: I’ve voted today for @DanielJHannan and the Conservatives. Like many I thought about not voting or spoiling my ballot as we should have left the EU already. However the election is happening and we have to use our democratic right to vote and express our opinion.