All deleted tweets from politicians

Eve Adams (unknown) tweeted :

Thank you! Every vote counts and it’s a tight race. Please take 2 minutes to vote tomorrow. 10am - 8pm. If you need a ride just call or DM. #HamiltonVotes2018

It’s reassuring to see a genuine, open person such as Sally Scsles on Q&A. It’s a change from posturing exhibitionists.

Enough is enough. It’s time to go, Alan Jones.

It’s reassuring to see a person such as Sally Scales who is a so patently a genuine , open person on Q&A.

It’s not public servants who’ve lost trust, it’s politicians. If governments stopped attacking the vulnerable, started caring for people again & ceased the lies about things like climate change, there’d be a trust surplus. #Greens…

@PeterStefanovi2 It’s a paper from a think tank suggesting this is what the government should. It’s not Government policy or even being looked at by Government but why let the truth get in the way of a good story !

#DailyMile done & heading North for the Helmsdale games. It’s a beautiful day (ignore the weather forecast 😉). Come & join the fun!

Mzwandile Masina (ANC) tweeted :

It’s confirmed I’m going to the AGM tomorrow to deliberate on critical issues, including Infinity Accounts.

PresidencyZA (ANC) tweeted :

It’s all systems go at the State House in preparation for the State Visit by His Excellency President @CyrilRamaphosa to the United Republic of Tanzania. The visit will allow the two leaders to discuss bilateral, continental & global issues #SAinTanzania #BetterAfricaBetterWorld

So when Stuart Campbell and his cybernat followers repeatedly ask me “why do you hate Scotland?” it’s actually because they want to start some sort of weird sharing circle: “Hi, my name’s Stuart and I hate Scotland because it’s the most gutless country in the world.”