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Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary @uklabour Member of Parliament for Battersea Email: Call: 0207 924 1973


Dad - Member of Parliament - #Crawley - Vegetarian - Vexillologist. Enquiries? Please email: as I can’t guarantee seeing DMs/posts.

RT @PaulivW: The Q’s our President has been dancing around: 1. Why can’t SA’s health system manage a death rate of about 1,5%, so much so that we need a liquor ban to help us cope? 2. Why do we have a severe shortage in nursing staff & doctors? #Covid19

Congress (india) retweeted @rssurjewala :

RT @rssurjewala: Economic recession stares at us. Citizens have lost crores of jobs. Parents can’t pay school fees. Factories are shutting down. Small Businesses are closing. YET A “Tuglaqui” Modi Govt is hell bent upon spending ₹2,00,00,00,00,000 Crores to build a New Parliament, PMO, Offices!

RT @BellRibeiroAddy: Borders should never be a barrier to love and you can’t put a pricetag on family life. But that’s exactly what the minimum income requirement does to people. We should scrap it and ensure no families are forced to live apart by arbitrary salary thresholds #ScrapMIR

RT @gregianjohnson: RT @gregianjohnson: A cow can’t just quit being a cow, and Paul Nuttalls of the UKIPs...…

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) retweeted @GiftQY :

RT @GiftQY: What the fuck is this shit? This is a democratic state not a military state. We can’t subject our citizens to this humiliation

RT @BBCBreakfast: “I can’t get my head around how the Chancellor expects anyone to survive on zero income” This is what the Chancellor Rishi Sunak had to say when we put self-employed Mark’s concerns to him on #BBCBreakfast ⤵️ More here:

Parm Gill (unknown) tweeted :

Great response at the doors this morning in Milton. People can’t wait for the change coming June 7th. @OntarioPCParty #PCPO #onpoli

Parm Gill (unknown) tweeted :

Another great day knocking on doors and speaking with voters. Most people can’t wait for change and to put an end to Liberal corruption and waste at Queens Park. @fordnation @OntarioPCParty #onpoli

Don Davies MP (NDP) tweeted :

Congrats @SvendJRobinson! I can’t think of a more worthy choice both to honour JS Wordsworth’s legacy and challenge our young Canadians to dream big...