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Folketingskandidat for Radikale Venstre i Nordsjælland. "Run, if can't run, walk, if you can't walk, crawl! as long as you keep moving forward!" Dr. King


MP for Meriden and Second Church Estates Commissioner. Please send all casework enquiries to Can't respond to all DMs.

Dr. Misa Bharti (india) retweeted @b50 :

RT @b50: RT @b50: Typical BJP. Can't attack the cause, attack the person, this time it's @priyankac19.…

RT @deetoured: RT @deetoured: @SarahChampionMP I can't see how after #Grenfell and #Windrush how anyone can vote @Conservatives what do they have to do to…

RT @afagerbakke: Israel's enemies can start 100 wars and lose every single one of them. Israel on the other hand can't afford to lose a single war. Israel would be history. And that's why Israel needs a strong army, and always needs to have the upper hand.

RT @harrichiba: RT @harrichiba: You have learnt nothing from #brexit #trump you can't displace people just to build #HS2 @BBCBreakfast

RT @jordanmcsherry: RT @jordanmcsherry: Absolute pleasure to meet @joannaccherry at #SNPConference2016. Can't wait to see you again in Westminster! https://t.c…

Saumil Dave (india) tweeted :

At this point you can't event say Burnley are punching above their weight. Arsenal really should have gotten him post Emery or even Wenger

RT @David_Waddell: RT @David_Waddell: @deanofsurrey @Mike_Fabricant It's not within the competency of Holyrood anyway. Can't see Westminster approving another…

RT @akkitwts: RT @akkitwts: It's quarantine day 6 and you can't go to the gym

RT @Deposit_return: A plastic bottle deposit decree? Returning ten or fifteen p? That can't come soon enough for me, And every creature in the sea. @PamAyres #DepositReturn ❤️

RT @FortuneGENTILE: These racists are witnessing their narratives fall down the drain, They can't believe it, they'd rather believe this trend is payed for. #JohnSpeaksForMe