All deleted tweets from politicians

John Mann (Labour) retweeted @tnewtondunn :

RT @tnewtondunn: RT @tnewtondunn: Final tweet before we leave Washington DC. USA Today’s election supplement p1 today is lovely. #Election2020…

This time last year visiting polling stations across Wealden. So many favourites ◽◽ #Election2020

George Galloway (unknown) tweeted :

Coming up after the break… CALEB MAUPIN will be joking me to discuss #Election2020 Watch @MoatsTV now! #MOATS

RT @Electograph: RT @Electograph: ◽◽ #USA #Election2020 Biden wins #georgiaaudit Final result: ◽ BIDEN (D) 306 ✅ ◽ TRUMP (R) 232

RT @jerome_riviere: #Poutine comme d’autres, attend le résultat officiel de #Election2020 pour adresser ses félicitations au Pdt 🇺🇸 élu. L’ingérence c’est #UE qui adresse des félicitations à #Biden alors que dans un Etat de droit on attend la date constitutionnelle 14/12 et le résultat des recours.

RT @meyerar: RT @meyerar: You‘re fired. #Election2020

RT @chewbaaarker: Yo, #MiddleEast East strap yourselves in; same shit different leaders coming your way. #Election2020  #MiddleEast 🤣😳✨funny bit chillingly scary at the same time✨ 🤝followed🤝 Thx to @georgegalloway for retweeting; looking forward to the great man’s show this evening 🙌