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@UKLabour Member of Parliament for Alyn & Deeside. Email for help if you are a constituent, or call 01244 836350 if it's an emergency.

Richard Leonard (unknown) tweeted :

Care home residents and those who work in in care homes must be first in the queue for the vaccine. It's time for @scotgov to publish its plans.

RT @MartynDaySNP: The £20 uplift in #UniversalCredit is welcome, but it's due to end in March. It should be made permanent, and extended to #LegacyBenefits, until the whole system can be reformed - ideally to one of #UniversalBasicIncome for all. Also, the #5WeekWait should be a grant, not a loan.

RT @AEHALL1983: @beisgovuk @nadhimzahawi It's a testament to this Government that something this complex and enormous could be put together so quickly and effectively.

RT @OkanaganWriting: RT @OkanaganWriting: The week is full of possibilities. It's like catching fireflies.

RT @OkanaganWriting: RT @OkanaganWriting: Have worked straight through the day without eating. I think it's time to feed.

RT @MattyTrenholm: Thank goodness there's someone on stage (it's @SoniaFurstenau) making sense. I'm listening to the leader BC needs. #bcpoli #BCelxn2020 #bcvotes #DebateNight

RT @MattyTrenholm: Scientists all agree: people breath air. Only one party (it's the @BCGreens) will ensure you can breathe it for years to come. #VoteGreen2020 #VoteGreen #bcpoli #BCElection2020 #BCelxn2020

RT @rachel_ludgater: RT @rachel_ludgater: @frostyinfinity @SharonHodgsonMP Oh how I hope so, but something tells me it's not going to be that easy

RT @SarahMaslinNir: RT @SarahMaslinNir: A bookstore is closing. But there is a twist: it's The Bronx's LAST bookstore. Yeah, in the entire borough. https://t.c…