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RT @NorwichSOS: Norfolk schools - we've had to cancel #NorfolkWelcomes but instead please get involved in our new initiative #ADayofWelcome on 12th June It's a simple way for schools & families that are home learning to get involved in @RefugeeWeek. Please RT @vnetcic

🔷We've offered accommodation to more than 90% of rough sleepers during this pandemic. 🔷Now 6,000 more homes will be made available for rough sleepers  - 3,300 in the next 12 months. 🔷We are backing this with £433 million of government funding.

RT @devisridhar: This virus particularly dangerous. Things we've learned since Jan: Human to human transmission ✅ Easily spread by droplets & fomites ✅ Asymptomatic transmission✅ Disease hits many organs ✅ Long-term health problems in survivors✅ Delayed inflammatory syndrome in some kids✅

RT @liambyrnemp: We've got to get to the truth about why Covid is hitting our BAME communities so much harder than others. That's why together we've launched our taskforce. We want to hear from YOU about how Covid has affected your community so email us at

RT @sthembete: I hope the conversation about the IEC's systems and resources continues after elections. The system failures we've seen this past two days are the result of serious under-investment in our electoral machinery. You can't have credible elections without an efficient election body.

David Maynier (DA) tweeted :

Yesterday I spoke to @KienoKammies about what we've been doing during to help businesses adapt using digital tools and open safely and responsibly in the Western Cape. #StopTheSpread #Covid19SA 📻LISTEN HERE >>…

RT @cathayschris: So on Cosmeston Street in Cathays, we've had 'doorstep concerts' over the weekend in lockdown and my neighbour agreed she'd sing tonight. Utterly amazing @huwthomas_Wales @ILovesTheDiff @WalesOnline

RT @Puffles2010: "No politician goes into politics saying "I want to spend less on schools" but that is what we've got" @ThangamMP in #SchoolsFundingDebate "Chair of @UKStatsAuth said of @educationgovuk "Figures were presented as to misrepresent changes to school funding"

RT @Puffles2010: RT @Puffles2010: "We've lobbied Govt for school in Cambs & will continue as we are underfunded" Roger Hickford "@SawstonVC has gone up" #cc…

RT @Puffles2010: RT @Puffles2010: "We've brought in 42 measures to tackle tax avoidance and have done more than Labour did in Gov't" @chrisphilp_mp on #C4Ne…